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All Out Octane was founded in 2010 by Brentton Fuller. Growing up Brentton had a passion for automobiles since before he could remember. His great grandpa owned a junk yard and drove tow trucks. His grandpa owned many classic cars, including two 1957 Chevrolet four door 210's, which he still owns.

Growing up he saught out playing with toy cars and trucks most often and was given many Hot Wheels as gifts as a child. Those were and still are some of his most cherished toys. That collection has grown to well over 1400 cars today.

Even more interest in automobiles comes in his passion for motor sports. Some of his favorite memories are attending drag races with his grandpa and dad. He has also attended NASCAR races and is seeking to attend more motorsports in the future as time and money allow. The list of events he wishes to attend is extensive.

You can find he and his wife, Abigail, at many different auto shows and car shows as well. Weekly meets and large international shows and everything inbetween, they enjoy them all. Appreciation for the automotive industry in every aspect is what inspired Brentton to create All Out Octane. He hopes to spread that passion to you through All Out Octane.